All You Need To Know About Longboard Trucks And How To Choose The Best Longboard Trucks

How to choose the best longboard trucks

main components of longboard trucks

Longboards are very important when it comes to downhill skateboarding. They are also good for transportation. If you are a beginner and looking for a new longboard then no one can tell you about what kind of longboard you should go for. The selection of longboard will depend on your choice and comfort. Although the choice of longboard is all based on subjectivity to have a smooth and comfortable ride it is very important for you to choose a long board with reliable truck.

What is a Longboard Truck?

In simple words a longboard truck is a T-shapes metal piece, which is mounted onto your longboard deck. It is attached with wheels. It is a very important part of your longboard. Every longboard is made up of two trucks. As compared to short skateboard trucks, the trucks of longboard are very different. I personally like to choose trucks with wider hanger to accommodate different deck sizes according to my need. Whenever you go and buy a longboard truck you should keep in mind that it consists of several parts, which can be replaced according to your need. This article will help you have a full understanding about how these longboard trucks work.

How does the best longboard trucks work?

There are four basic components of the best longboard trucks: a baseplate, pivot point, hanger and two bushings. In order to get yourself familiarized with the longboard truck you need to know about these four components.

  • The baseplate is attached to the deck of your longboard. Whenever I buy a Longboard, I thoroughly examine its Baseplates because they lean with the board as you change the weight distribution. Almost longboard trucks have a baseplate with a 50o angle, that is great for all types of riding. Some longboard trucks have  a 40o angle, which is best for downhill or freeride set-ups
  • The second component is hanger. The baseplates of your longboard allow your hanger to pivot over the bushings.
  • The pivot point then allows your board to move with the help of two bushings.

Apart from these, there are many factors, which contribute in the making of a good longboard. As far as I know the most important of them is Truck Tightness.

Truck Tightness:

Remember that whenever you need to go buy a new truck look for its tightness. A good longboard always runs on its tightness. I have seen people often changing the tightness of their longboard trucks according to their choice, which is very dangerous as it can cause the truck to fall. You should know that a long board truck is made to be tightened down to a certain point where the hanger comes of the pivot, causing the truck to move.

Loose trucks can be fun at times, but also enhance the chance of speed jerks and wobbles. In order to ride smoothly your truck shouldn’t be too loose to be sloppy and it shouldn’t be too tight to cause the bushings to break. In order to check the tightness of your truck, you should stand next to your longboard truck and shift your whole weight on one of its rails. Try to move the trucks, if you sleep that it’s not sloppy and not too tight to move, then you will know it’s in a perfect position.



Bushings are a very important part of your truck as they cause your truck to turn smoothly. There is an array of bushing setups available in the market, your task is to find the right one according to your comfort. The vital thing that make bushings to respond is its shape, hardness, urethane types, washer setup and its placement on your longboard truck. To find a perfect fit for yourself, keep in mind all these factors and consult an appropriate guide before finalizing your Longboard.

Durometer: The bushings of longboard trucks are made up of urethane, due to which they run on durometer hardness scale. What I have observed is that they run between 78a-96a.

The higher the durometer, the harder the bushing will be so try to keep your durometer lower for softer bushing, because softer bushings make your truck turn easily.

Shapes: Truck bushings are available in different shapes. I personally like Eliminators, Barrels and Cones the most.

cones vs barrels vs Eliminators


  1. Barrels: they are no doubt my favorite, because they allow the ride to turn smoothly. They are very good if you want to lean and turn, because they proffer you with proportionality to balance yourself easily. They are very common on downhill specific trucks because of their stability.
  2. Cones: as compared to barrels, these bushings don’t provide the rider with much option of rebound. They are good for fast riders, who like to perform different tricks with their longboard trucks. Cones are very good for quick turns.
  3. Eliminators: as compared to the both cones and barrels, these bushings are widest in width. They don’t allow the rider to take sharp and quick turns. Eliminators are good for bushings with low durometer because they are made for progressive turns.

Urethane Formula:

You will be surprised to know that different urethane formulas have different effect on your bushings. There are hundreds of companies with different urathene formulas out there, its you who have to find the one that will suit you. Let me tell you that urethane formula has a very strong effect on the rebound, which is produced by the bushing of your truck. If your urethane formula will produce lots of rebound then your truck will pump and turn back. Personally, I feel that rebound is not a bad thing, but it is up to you to decide for yourself.


Washers are very important for your longboard truck. There are two types of washers: cupped and flat.

  1. Cupped: Cupped washers are used for restrictive turning and proffer the rider with a good deal of rebound.
  2. Flat: on the other hand, flat washers proffer the rider with less restrictive turns and the option for rebound is very less.


Well, I hope this article will help you learn some basic things about the best longboards trucks. I have been surfing for the past seven years, and I can assert this with great confidence, that longboarding in one of the best sport in this world, and if you’re a beginner then lace your shoes today and find the perfect truck board for yourself because they will help you have a great boarding experience.

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